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National Women's Ministry

"... for the joy of the LORD is your strength." Neh 8:10

National Women Ministry cogopInterview With Joyce Fletcher
The New National Women's Director


National Women's Ministry Strategic Aims
Women of faith, impact, creativity and innovation destined for purpose

  • To create the environment within the COGOP UK where women will flourish, have spiritual impact, be empowered to lead, serve and transform the lives of others around them.

  • For women to transform the landscape of our churches, and communities.

  • To mentor and nurture and mentor younger women, identifying and developing talent.

  • To deliver a holistic (body, mind, spirit, soul) approach to the ministry of women across the UK.

  • To be relevant and address the real issues faced by women in society.

  • To deliver the women’s ministry agenda within the context of the National COGOP strategy. 

  • To form relevant partnerships with other faith based organisations and organisations that help to deliver the National Women Ministry strategic aims.

  • To engage the wider political, social and economic agenda as it impacts on women within the UK and ensure that the voice of ‘women of faith is heard.’

  • To engage with and introduce a ‘Health Ministry’ sub stream within Women ministry that will work in partnership with the wider COGOP ministry strands, NHS, Health & Social Care, and RAFFA.

  • To create a modernised personalised approach to missions that ensures relevance to every woman within the UK with the motto ‘EVERYONE WINS ONE’ and to ensure engagement with the wider European and international missions agenda.

How We Will Work


We are committed to work in partnership and to engage with all other COGOP national work streams: MENS, SENIOR, CHILDREN, YOUTH, FAMILY, RAFFA and MISSIONS.

We will work with other key faith based organisations where this will support the delivery of shared aims and objectives.

We will work in partnership with organisations on mutual interests and concerns or to lobby and influence in the delivery of the women ministry agenda.

Harnessing Skills

We are committed to recognising the impact and contribution women have and continue to make across all professional fields in society.  We aim to harness the talents, creativity, innovation and faith of women to make a difference within COGOP UK.


We are committed to using the God given skills we have in our women to generate the income and resources that are required to deliver the Women Ministry agenda, support international missions and support other ministry steams.

We are committed to promote good stewardship and the law of sowing a reaping in seeing the blessings of God upon our women, families, churches and communities.

Intercessory Prayer & Fasting

We fundamentally believe in the power of prayer and fasting and living by the Word.  This will underpin the direction and leading of Women Ministries COGOP UK.


Year one objectives 2010

  1. To organise a National women intercessory prayer team.
  2. To promote International Women’s World Day of Prayer and  a National women prayer and fast in March/April 2010
  3. To deliver a UK Women’s Ministry Retreat Conference
  4. Establish joint partnership with International missions and seek to influence Women’s Ministry support.
  5. Establish a ministry focus on Health & Well being.
  6. Review Development needs of Regional Workers.
  7. Develop a system for appreciating our National Overseer, Regional Overseers and Pastor companions.
  8. To set up a income generation ‘Think Tank’.
  9. Develop a strategic approach to deliver the key work streams outlined below:

    Singleness Divorce/Remarriage
    Marriages Domestic Violence
    Sexuality: Premarital Transitions: Bereavement, Loss
Click HERE to contact Sister Joyce Fletcher directly.
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